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Interaction Design

Do you need help defining the behavior of your system and the complex dialogues between it and your users? Do you want your system to:

  • communicate it’s functionality and interactivity to the user?
  • facilitate both simple and complex work flows?
  • respond helpfully to user actions?
  • keep the user well informed?
  • mitigate user errors?

Hi, my name is William LeFevre. I’m an interaction designer with over 11 years of experience providing usable, pragmatic, and elegant solutions to complex problems. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Working from a user-centric perspective I strive to dissolve the contradictions between user needs, business goals, and technical constraints.

- William LeFevre

(425) 844-9526

Other Services

Though interaction designers are often involved with a product through out the development life cycle, that isn’t always what you need. For those times when you just want a little help in specific areas I’m available for both freelance and part-time engagements.

Expert Review

Ready to update your product? Need a second opinion? An expert review is an excellent, low cost way to gather information about your site or product. Reviews may be general in nature, a little bit of everything, or may target specific questions or needs you have. Areas I examine are compliance with usability heuristics, primary use cases, corner-case testing, accessibility, and the achievement of your goals.

Requirements Analysis

Before you can design the solution to a problem you need to define the problem. Within software development this is usually referred to as the scope and requirements phases and involves understanding and articulating your users (their needs, tasks, and behaviors), your business goals, and the technical constraints. Deliverables may include narrative documents, summary presentations, diagrams and charts.


Whether your validating an interaction paradigm, a functional design, the content organization, or A/B testing screen layouts there is no substitute for putting your ideas in front of actual users and seeing what they really do with it. Prototypes may range in complexity from simple paper prototypes to fully functional mockups of the system. What ever the complexity it should always be the minimum needed to answer your questions. As an expert web developer, my prototyping tool of choice is DHTML.

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